cyber security shield
for your vessel & fleet

Protecting your vessel from cyber-attack is essential to the safe running of your fleet, which is why ShipSecure has been developed to guard against this.
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ShipSecure provides a comprehensive cyber security solution to help protect a vessel from all kinds of cyber-threats. It is set up on a layered network approach to thwart infiltrators trying to move laterally or make their way deeper inside the vessel’s communications and IT infrastructure. It deploys network traffic analysis tools that can catch common signs of threats, filter out phishing, and malware infection attempts. It compares apps and URLs against up-to-date virus and threat databases.

ShipSecure integrates with the mobile satellite communications platform and the IT infrastructure onboard and doesn’t require any additional financial resources or manpower to operate. It also combines value-added services such as ShipGate, ShipLink, ShipGuard, and ShipNet.

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Ship Link
Linking your fleet securely with the shore network via remote access tools that deploy end-to-end encryption.
  • Enables a permanent encrypted connection between the vessel, the World-Link data center, and the office, meaning the vessel becomes part of the office LAN adhering to the same policies and restrictions of the company LAN.
  • There is no further requirement for remote access to the ship and it’s IT infrastructure is on-net.
Ship Net
Powerful network vulnerability scanner that mitigates the risk of known attacks by 99%.
  • Using ShipNet, a vessel’s network is continuously assessed against more than 50,000 known vulnerabilities and more than 400,000 system and application weaknesses (security holes), reducing the risk of attack by 99%.
  • The system allows a user to manage the complete cycle of risk assessment, prioritisation, corrective action, re-testing, and results comparison. With a daily stream of updates from global and government bodies, the NVM system is continuously updated with what are the latest threats.
Ship Gate
The cyber threat management system that protects your vessel network during different phases of a cyber-attack.
  • ISO Level 7 compliant.
  • Real-time access to the latest Cisco Talos threat intelligence database.
  • Automated and agreed policy-based threat response.
  • More than 40,000 application layer and risk-based controls delivering specific intrusion prevention responses.
  • In-stream file signature identification and managed response.
  • Dynamic file analysis to block malware attacks.
  • URL, site reputation, and over 1 million malware samples per day to identify threats.
ship guard
Ship Guard
Next-generation Firewall with advanced filtering, and dynamic IDS/IPS detection features.
  • IDS/IPS detection and protection. It detects attempts to hack your vessel, define the rules (besides the ones by default) to handle the situation, enforces your policies, and controls your vessel’s networks.
  • Malware detection discovers trojans spyware. It helps to reduce data leaking.
  • Detects malicious content based on signatures or heuristics content that may affect the regular vessel’s operation.
  • NGFW combines traditional firewalling and other detection, filtering resources.
  • VPN, all information runs through an SSL tunnel.
  • VLAN separates your vessel’s LAN (e.g. bridge, crew, automation).
  • NATing, it hides your internal LAN layout;
  • Leak Detection: it detects if your vessel has leaked information.

Layered approach
Endpoint protection