Helping ship owners and managers achieve more from their written communications

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Our email solution will meet your communication needs and reduce cost while maximising the use of ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore channels.

Supports all Windows versions.

Remote management via the web client.

Unlimited number of crew mailboxes, no external traffic for local mails.

Smart least-cost routing and high compression rates.

Custom in/out message size limits for every user.

Webmail add-on.

Spam and virus detection and filtering on the shore-based server.

Auto send/receive rules.

Setting up white and black lists.

Onboard administration.

Full reporting, log generation, and retention.

What it offers
Unified messaging

All-in-one software to deliver your email, telex, fax, and SMS.

Least cost routing

3G, FBB, VSAT, Wifi, MPDS, WiMaxAllows connectivity to ISDN & TCP/IP across a wide variety of Satcom technologies.

No user training is required

There is no extra training required or a learning curve. Users can continue to use their favorite email client while retaining all of ShipMail’s features.

Rules-based security

Full control on the message size limit, White & Black lists; Auto send and receive.

High compression rates

ShipMail’s proprietary compression protocol achieves one of the best compression rates in the industry for both inbound and outbound traffic.

Detailed reporting & log

ShipMail provides a number of logs & reports that permit you to take account of any traffic via a statistics panel, audit report, logs on sessions, as well as messages and application events.

What is in for you
Your vessel will have all ShipMail’s benefits from the start.

Keep all your written communications in one software.

Your vessel will always be connected via the lowest cost route.

Prevents excessive cost by streamlining communications.

Get more from your bandwidth.

You can check for system usage online.