ShipSat 2.0 is World-Link Communications’ vessel located Gateway, providing centralized remote and proactive management of vessel’s satellite broadband communications.

ShipSat 2.0 is accessible from Shore through our Maxima Shore WEB Access Dashboard which provides customers the ability to manage all vessel daily operations from Headquarters on shore.

 Global network, global presence



Enhanced Configuration module of ShipSat 2.0 provides the IT department with a set of crucial administration tools. Client/end user has now a wide range of sections to accommodate a fleet standard. Templates for temporary changes on single vessel, group of vessels or even on a fleet level can be applied with a few clicks.

User Adminstration

Optimized User Administration on shore simplifies the management of a big fleet by dividing fleets to sub-fleets, in order to meet a variety of clients’ requirements.

Cost control and allocation

Fleet Monitoring and Fleet File Manager, for complete network control of the vessels and
advanced file transfer both on a fleet and on a vessel level.

Firewall & Network Manager

Firewall Manager and Network Manager provide IT department a strong tool to define vessel network and react on the increased cyber security needs onboard, while provides the ability to scan vessel network for devices which may not belong to the IT infrastructure.

Link Policies & Traffic Priority

Link Policies and Traffic Priority provide state-of-the-art traffic control with advanced
prioritization rules.

VOIP Platform

Integrated VoIP platform for satellite solutions to enhance voice communication for vessels.

Crew Welfare

Enhanced Crew Welfare service in terms of DATA and VOICE pins

Billing & Reporting

Detailed Split Billing & Reporting.