World-Link Communications’ ShipForms was the first software of its kind, winning a coveted Seatrade innovation in shipping technology applications award in 2006. Today ShipForms is the most complete and advanced eNOAD solution available to the maritime industry.
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ShipForms offers a quick, easy and secure way to complete and distribute forms.

Its key success factors are:

  • Automated delivery of arrival and departure notices
  • Use of compression for form data transmission to minimize communication costs
  • Compliance with the U.S. Coast Guard (eNOAD), the West European Tanker Reporting (WETREP) and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Pre-Arrival Notification of Security (PANS)
  • Continuous updates with the latest regulations
  • Use of the latest format for form submission
  • User friendly interface
  • Data saving and retrieval, minimizing data entry time and effort
  • Conformity with any MAPI compliant email software
  • Free technical support from The World-Link Tech Squad


The software is easy to install and works with any MAPI-compliant email program. It allows the Master to edit and save forms at any point in the filing process. The saved forms can be reloaded for new submission and changes are allowed in the automatically populated fields.

ShipForms has a user-friendly interface that features a drop-down list with dynamic selection, a progress bar for save and send functions and an item counter. The information contained in the NOAD report is safely and speedily transferred because it is encrypted and compressed with our technology.

By choosing ShipForms, the Master avoids warnings, delays and penalties, because his report is always up-to-date with the latest regulations and contains the correct information in the proper format.