Mitigating Maritime Cyber Threat

ShipSecure is the first comprehensive cybersecurity service offered to the shipping community. ShipSecure suite provides services that mitigate the cyber threat against vessels by delivering real-time threat assessment and defense over the satellite data stream.


With access to the latest global threat intelligence information, ShipSecure maintains the integrity of the information being transmitted between a vessel and the internet.

Advanced Malware and ransomware protection, application awareness,
URL & IP filtering, advanced identity control, and network firewalling are but a few of the capabilities of ShipSecure.

”With enhanced broadband services on-board the fleet, the vessel today is as vulnerable to a cyber-attack as any office ashore. ShipSecure delivers on-board vulnerability assessment, real-time protection and threat mitigation through a multi-layered approach addressing cyber threat at
each level of a vessel’s network infrastructure.

ShipSecure features provide IT and network security managers, complete visibility to the fleet security posture through a number of managed configuration and real-time reporting.” said Asad Salameh President of World-Link Communications, Inc.


”As an Inmarsat Fleet Xpress VAR, World-Link manage and control the traffic of its fleet of FX terminals, thus allowing the protection of the data stream before it arrives to or leaves from the vessel. Coupling that with live threat intelligence from world-leading security labs we are assured
of delivering the best protection available in real time to our ship owners and managers client” added Mr. Salameh.

The cyber attack threat on our industry is not different than any other.
Increased bandwidth and open connectivity to the internet, coupled with BYOD onboard require a serious cyber defense posture onboard the vessel as ashore. ShipSecure from World-Link Communications delivers a comprehensive defensive posture to the vessel with a suite of services to protect a vessel’s communications and IT infrastructure.


ShipSecure suite of services manages network security by providing a range of tools to enhance onboard security from email encryption to enhanced cyber security information and cyber threat management tools. ShipSecure ensures that the vessel data and infrastructure are protected at all times; and the infrastructure is continuously vetted against threats and vulnerabilities.


ShipSecure is built of four services:

A cyber threat management system that protects a vessel network during the different phases of an attack, and make efficient use of fleet protection at the network entry point reducing the cost and the need for individual vessel investment. Real time attack detection. Detects, malware, spoofing, phishing, bad urls, trojans, among other threats. ShipGate benefits from global resources of enhanced threat information.

An onboard network vulnerability management system (NVM) that allows you to reduce your footprint of attack, and become a moving target to a potential attacker.

With ShipNet a vessel’s network is continuously assessed against more than 50,000 known network vulnerabilities, and more than 400,000 system and application weaknesses (security holes).

Permanent encrypted connectivity from your vessel to your Office. Your vessel becomes a node in your office LAN and can be managed with the same policies and control.

Our classic email solution evolved to provide encrypted communications and encrypted local sensitive data, like contact books, passwords, etc.