is World-Link Communications’ comprehensive maritime billing solution, designed to meet industry requirements for streamlining and transparency.

Modeled after the Accounting Authority Identification Code (AAIC) system, ShipLog automates the process of accurately splitting the costs of voice, data, fax, and email communications among the distinct parties that have incurred them.

ShipLog efficiencies include:

  • Minimal effort required from the Master to complete usage data
  • Minimization of data acquisition time due to archived billing information
  • Detailed, accurate and timely usage invoicing
  • Historical comparison and analysis, across the fleet and per vessel
  • On-demand, customized and ad-hoc reports
  • Customer-specific electronic invoicing formats in addition to CSV, D91, and .pdf.

On request, World-Link will compile a fleet cost allocation report for you. This allocates the incurred US dollar amount to various billing parties such as ship managers, charterers, ship owners and crew members.

The customization level of our billing service is unsurpassed. Data is aggregated and analyzed to provide you with valuable payment analysis information. We prepare on-demand reports in customer-specific formats, such as reports in D91 and CSV format, special reports, and ad-hoc crew cost reports.

The report can also be in a department-specific format and drilled down to fleet traffic analysis, trend fleet cost analysis for the whole year and many other relevant pieces of data to help manage communications costs.