World-Link Communications’ iCafé is a fully integrated solution designed to give crew the connectivity they desire and vessel management the control they need.

The iCafé package includes all hardware, software, airtime, management, and communications administration – making it cost-efficient and easy to deploy for multiple users. Using terminals for  FleetBroadband or Fleet Xpress in an internet café environment on board ship, crew can browse the internet, send emails and keep in touch with their families and friends over social media networks. iCafé operates like internet access in many hotels, using Inmarsat’s high data allowance plans for cost-efficiency. Access to the system is through the internet browser, which automatically navigates to a login page requesting the crew member’s internet access PIN code, obtained from a pre-paid data PIN card. During a session, the system shows the remaining amount of data available, which allows the user to control their usage rate.