Delivering smart Maritime communications solutions

Who we are

World-Link Communications has been keeping merchant fleets connected at sea for nearly 30 years. We have built up a solid reputation for delivering maritime satellite communications that are tailored to each customer’s needs, backed up by dependable billing and expert technical support services.


We can look after the entire process seamlessly, from shipping route analysis through hardware installation to network optimization. By working closely with you to find the right package of products and services for your unique requirements, we can help you to optimize your operational efficiency, attract and retain the best crew, and stay safe at sea.


We partner with the world’s leading satellite network operators – Inmarsat and Iridium – to offer advanced, reliable and secure communications to ensure you stay connected anywhere on the world’s oceans.


Once your satcoms solution is installed, our Technical Support Team, made up of experienced network and software engineers, is directly available 24/7 to support you all the way.


Pioneers when we were founded in 1989, World-Link is still out in front when it comes to finding the best value solutions for shipping operators’ ever-increasing data needs. Innovation is what drives us, in everything we do.


To build and deliver innovative maritime satellite communication solutions that are affordable, secure, reliable, and always available, backed up by unbeatable customer support, wherever and whenever.


To be the leading supplier of smart global maritime satellite communication solutions that keep each and every seafarer, vessel, and cargo safe at sea and keep our customers ahead of the competition through enhanced operational efficiency.

Our Values

Satellite communications have a fundamental role in saving seafarers’ lives and protecting cargo. So we are proud of the role World-Link Communications plays in supporting maritime safety. But we also understand the increasingly important part our solutions play in day to day vessel operations. By encouraging individual and team innovation, and establishing optimized and sustainable processes, we develop products and services that are best suited to our customers’ needs.   We ensure we understand just what those needs are by building long-term partnerships that are fair and transparent, with clarity and efficiency at the heart of all our interactions with customers and suppliers.

We deliver on our commitments and contracts to maintain our reputation and position among peers and maintain our independence by operating a profitable and sustainable business model that allows us to grow and to lead our market in innovation and service delivery.

Our people are our biggest investment and asset.  We encourage a work environment that is safe for our employees to flourish and excel in their day to day work, as well as build long-term and progressive careers within the organization.