The Challenge

The challenge facing the owner was the unreliability and cost of the technology installed on board a fleet of research vessels. At the time, the client depended solely on wide beam Ku VSAT service for its fleet. Because the fleet was performing research functions globally, missions were seasonal, and volumes of used data were unpredictable from one voyage to the next.

Our solution

We developed an L-Band solution based on Inmarsat Fleet Broadband. We financed and negotiated an annual usage plan, which reduced the cost considerably where traffic volume was shared between 100 terminals either on research vessels or buoys. Connectivity costs were paid monthly.

We installed and maintained all the systems onboard ships. Most of the vessels were fitted with dual FB500, while the buoys had FB250. The project was the most extensive fleet broadband contract with Inmarsat at the time. We are currently migrating the fleet to Inmarsat FleetXpress as well as Intelsat HTS KU Band technology. We have been working successfully with this client for the past eight years.