As part of our promise to deliver innovative maritime satellite communication solutions, we develop products and services that are tailored specifically to our customers’ needs. We ensure we fully understand what those needs are by building long-term partnerships that are fair and transparent, with clarity and efficiency at the heart of all our interactions with customers and suppliers.

Merchant fleet ship manager

Our client was facing issues with the complexity of managing and supporting the IT technology throughout his fleet and dealing with the different billing formats from various providers. The problem was compounded because the customer had been working with a number of satellite operators over the years, who provided a multitude of non-compatible email and antivirus applications as well as different billing formats.

Scientific research fleet

The challenge facing the owner was the unreliability and cost of the technology installed on board a fleet of research vessels. At the time, the client depended solely on wide beam Ku VSAT service for its fleet. Because the fleet was performing research functions globally, missions were seasonal, and volumes of used data were unpredictable from one voyage to the next.