Over the three decades since the establishment, we have demonstrated unique service reliability and acted as a pioneer in the field, deploying innovative solutions while ensuring that they operate securely and efficiently.

Establishment Year

Establishment year

Vessels Worldwide

Vessels worldwide

Maritime Focus

Maritime focus


Our Largest Customer Fleet

Our largest customer fleet

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Countries flags for Point of Service Activation (PSA)

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Flags for Accounting Authorities services (AAIC)


We are committed to build and deliver innovative maritime satellite communications solutions in an affordable, secure, and reliable way, backed up by our unique customer support.

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Compact connectivity software solution

The Zwana Edge XR2 or Zwana Mini offers a user-friendly, compact control suite, encapsulating services like Crew Internet Café, Telemetry, Analysis, and VoIP. It is interoperable with any satellite and GSM service provers.

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A cyber security shield for your vessel and fleet

ShipSecure aims to provide a comprehensive all-around cyber security solution to help protect a vessel from all kinds of cyber-threats. The service fully integrates with any mobile satellite communications and IT/OT infrastructure onboard.

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Connectivity Services


ShipSat HTS

ShipSat HTS

The World’s Largest High-Throughput Satellite Network (HTS)

Powered by Intelsat’s award-winning FlexMaritime service, ShipSat HTS is designed specifically with global, commercial trade routes in mind.

Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress

Access satellite voice and data services – flexibly and affordably

Fleet Xpress is yet another award-winning service from Inmarsat, which combines the Ka-band and L-band technologies into a single platform.

Fleet Broadband

Fleet Broadband

Voice & broadband connectivity across the world’s oceans

Fleet Broadband is Inmarsat’s most proven maritime satellite communications service that provides reliable voice and data services through the use of a compact antenna.

Fleet one

Fleet One

Broadband connectivity for seasonal fleets

Fleet One is specifically designed to cover less-critical applications, so it has been customised for fishing, merchant, and leisure vessels.

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